Pawan Kalyan Invites BJP Chief Kanna

Pawan Kalyan Invites BJP Chief Kanna

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan on Wednesday phoned AP BJP Chief Kanna Laxminarayana to his party's 'Long March' in Vishakapatnam on November 3rd. It is known that Jana Sena is holding this march as a protest to suicide of construction workers and YSRCP's sand policy.

As per the statement issued by Jana Sena Party, the state BJP chief has conditionally agreed to participate in Jana Sena's Long March. Like how opposition parties in Telangana are protesting against KCR's Sarkar over RTC strike, Pawan also wants to unify the opposition parties in AP to fight against state government's sand policy.

So, he took the first step and invited Kanna to the Vishaka March. Even before Pawan began to take swipe at YSRCP, Andhra BJP leaders have been making serious attack on Jagan and his newly formed government on various issues - like painting govt buildings with YSRCP flag colour, printing of Jerusalem ad at back of Tirupati bus ticket and sand policy.

After absorbing 4 Rajya Sabha MPs and some second grade leaders from TDP, BJP is looking to expand its wings in state.

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