RGV Fools Everyone With 'Mega Family'

RGV Fools Everyone With 'Mega Family'

Ram Gopal Varma never misses a chance to stay in controversy. Especially, when his film is due for release, Ramu ensures that one or the other controversy surrounds him to stay himself in news and his film in news. After raking up a hot political debate with Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu trailer,  RGV has decided to target his most favourite topic - Mega Family. Since RGV knows than anyone else that anything related to Mega Family would keep himself on headlines and it instantly reaches to large fan base.

And thus he would take his film into large fan base with these marketing tactics and raise curiosity among the people. Following this strategy, RGV had announced last night that his next film is titled as "Mega Family". He had announced that he would share more details about the film today morning. And this was enough to make Mega fans go berserk.

After creating a hot topic, RGV had finally tweeted what his Mega Family film is all about. And it is a Tuss!

RGV's first tweet reads, "At 9.36 Am tmrw 29th I am going to announce the details of my next film after KAMMA RAJYAMLO KADAPA REDDLU ..The title of my next film is MEGA FAMILY". And his second tweet is a Tuss. He tweeted, "MEGA FAMILY is about a man who has 39 children but since there are too many children and I am not good in making children's films,I decided not to make it."

RGV, who is known to make people and media fools, has done it again. Thus, he got what he wanted - publicity!

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