Setback for TDP's Galla Jayadev & 2 MLAs!

Setback for TDP's Galla Jayadev & 2 MLAs!

In a setback to TDP Guntur MP Jaydev Galla and MLAs Nimmala Ramanaidu, Gadde Rammohan Rao, the AP High Court has served notices over their win in the general elections.

Jayadev has won the Guntur Parliament seat with a majority of 4200 votes. During the counting process, the returning officer at the counting center rejected 9000 ballot votes and declared Jayadev as winner. On this, YSRCP candidate Modugula Venugopal Reddy knocked the AP High Court. He claimed that he would have won the Guntur MP seat if the returning officer had considered the ballot votes.

So is the case with Palakollu MLA Nimmala Ramanaidu and Vijayawada (East) MLA Gadde Rammohan Rao. Lost YSRCP candidates of Palakollu and Vijayawada (East) constituencies Satyanarayana Murthy and Srinivas Reddy respectively have filed petition in the High Court that the irregularities took place during the counting.

The court took cognizance of three petitions and served notices to TDP's Jayadev, Ramanaidu and Rammohan Rao.

If the court finds fault, then the trio might face disqualification and YSRCP candidates may come in their position.

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