TDP MLA Karanam Balaram meets Chowdary

TDP MLA Karanam Balaram meets Chowdary

The TDP leaders meeting BJP and YSRCP leaders has brought an unrest in the CYCLE party. Yesterday it was Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi and today it is Chirala MLA Karanam Balaramakrishnamurthy.

MLA Karanam met BJP leader Sujana Chowdary and it was a private meeting and this got the attention of media quite late on Friday. Karanam and Sujana discussed about politics but it is unclear whether Sujana has invited Karanam to BJP or the TDP MLA himself offered to enter the saffron party.

Speaking to the media Karanam confined himself to routine statements that he met Sujana informally and it has no importance and they did not talk about politics in it. "I have close association with Sujana when he was in TDP and being a senior politician, I met him. Apart from this there is nothing," added Karanam.

Reports are coming out that a good number of TDP MLAs are likely to join the ruling YSRCP or BJP in the coming days. We have to see whether Karanam’s name will be there in the list.  

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