Vallabhaneni meets Sujana! What's up?

Vallabhaneni meets Sujana! What's up?

In a big breaking news, TDP leader Vallabhaneni Vamsi met BJP Rajya Sabha MP Sujana Chowdary and then rumours started making rounds that the Gannavaram MLA is looking at the saffron party.

On one hand, the TDP is staging protests all over the state over the sand crisis. At his constituency, Vallabhaneni did not join the protest with TDP cadre and in fact, he went all the way to Guntur to meet the BJP leader.

It is a known fact that Vamsi is upset with TDP leadership for a very long time and in the past, many rumours came that Vamsi will leave the party. But for the umpteenth time, the Gannavaram MLA made it clear that he will stick to TDP and there is no question of leaving the party at all.

Also after meeting Sujana, Vamsi did not talk to the media and quietly left the place. Will Vamsi issue a clarification on meeting BJP's Sujana and confine himself to being silent? Only he can answer these questions.

TDP leadership is closely watching this but may not poke Vamsi about a clarification as they know he is a hardcore TDP fan first.

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