What's Your Stand on Capital : HC Questions Jagan Sarkar

What's Your Stand on Capital : HC Questions Jagan Sarkar

The quandary over AP capital has paralyzed the business sector and several industries including construction, infrastructure industry in capital region. As the government appointed an Experts Committee to look into the options for new capital, tense situation prevailed in Amaravati. Taking a serious note over the dilemma, AP High Court has questioned Jagan Sarkar to clarify its stand on the capital.

Stating the list of problems being faced by judges and lawyers in the High Court, the Court stressed the necessity to end the confusion surrounding capital. It made serious remarks on Jagan administration and cautioned that if State Government fails to create basic facilities and infrastructure, it said it would ensure that the AP government takes appropriate action.

The HC said how judges are facing problems due to lack of official residences and how they are adjusting in guest houses. It said there's a parking crunch and the judges, lawyers are facing problems to park their cars in the High Court as there is no dedicated parking area. The HC said that there are no seating either for judges, lawyers. It said the judges and lawyers have moved to Amaravati with great difficulty and facing a lot of problems. The HC said AP government should be committed to provide these facilities. In a strict warning, the HC said if AP government fails to provide, it said it would ensure that the government would provide those basic facilities.

The HC also asked the state government about its stand on Capital City.

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