Can't Pay Salaries: TSRTC Tells HC

Can't Pay Salaries: TSRTC Tells HC

Even as thousands of employees are on a strike for the last one week, TSRTC MD Sunil Sharma told the High Court that RTC is on a cash shortage to pay salaries to the staff for the month of September. In his counter-petition, the Sunil Sharma told the court that the corporation lost nearly Rs 125 crore due to strike during the Dasara season.

RTC's counter-petition informed the court that out of the Rs 240 crores required, RTC has just Rs 7.5 crore in its account. Only the officers were given their salaries, while the salaries of the rest of the staff are pending due to a severe cash crunch. He said that RTC is depending on the government's financial aid to pay the salaries.

Sunil Sharma also said that while RTC's annual income is Rs 4,882 crores, its expenditures are to the tune of Rs 5,269 crores, with nearly Rs 1,200 crore losses every year. And nearly 58 percent of the income is being spent on the staff's salaries.

However, the MD's admissions in the court are termed untrue by the lawyer of the employees. He told the court that RTC has paid its officers nearly Rs 100 crore towards their September salaries and that only Rs 140 crores are required to pay the salaries for all the protesting staff. He further said that even though the strike was on, the employees ran nearly 70 percent of the buses during the festival season.

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