Exit Polls: BJP - Shiv Sena Set To Sweep Maharashtra

Exit Polls: BJP - Shiv Sena Set To Sweep Maharashtra

Almost all the major exit polls have predicted that BJP - Shiv Sena combine would sweep Maharashtra Assembly elections held today. While Times Now predicted that BJP and allies would win 230 seats out of 288 seats, it said Congress and allies would limit to 48 seats and others would get 10 seats. India Today's exit poll forecast that BJP and Shiv Sena would bag between 166 to 194 seats whereas Congress-NCP combine would get 72 to 90 seats and others would get between 22 to 34 seats.

CNN News 18 gave highest ever mandate to BJP and Shiv Sena as it predicted that they would get 243 seats out of 288 seats. It opined that Congress-NCP would pose no challenge with 41 seats and others would get only 4. Republic TV's exit poll estimated that BJP-Shiv Sena would get 223 seats and Congress-NCP would get 54 and others would get 11 seats. ABP News too predicted that BJP-Shiv Sena would emerge victorious with 204 Assembly seats and Congress - NCP would bag 69 seats and 15 assembly seats for others.

All major exit polls indicated clear victory for BJP - Shiv Sena alliance. Meanwhile, exit polls from Haryana also indicate that BJP would win. With this, celebrations galore at BJP's headquarters.

Exit polls in Maharashtra:

Times Now:
BJP+: 230
Cong+: 48
Others: 10

India Today:
BJP+: 166-194
Cong+: 72-90
Others: 22-34

CNN News 18:
BJP+: 243
Cong+: 41
Others: 4

BJP+: 223
Cong+: 54
Others: 11

ABP News
BJP+: 204
Cong+: 69
Others: 15

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