'If Naidu is ready to merge TDP in BJP, I will mediate'

'If Naidu is ready to merge TDP in BJP, I will mediate'

Taking a cue from Nara Chandrababu Naidu's recent admission that it was a mistake (for TDP) to break alliance with BJP, the ruling party Rajya Sabha member GVL Narasimha Rao has made some sensational comments while speaking to media about AP politics.

While another BJP leader Sunil Deodhar said BJP is no more ready to partner with TDP, GVL Rao has offered to mediate between BJP high command and TDP if Chandrababu is ready to merge the party (TDP) in BJP. Before that, the senior leader of the party stated that 'merger of TDP may not advantage us because the party lost its shine and performed miserably'.

For the political observers, this merger offer by Mr. Rao is little absurd because even though TDP has just won 23 seats, the party gained around 40% vote share. Whereas, BJP has gained a measly 0.8% vote share in Andhra Pradesh elections.

The Rajya Sabha Member and senior leader of BJP has further commented that Naidu is highly worried about his political future after looking at the fate of leaders like P Chidambaram.

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