After RTC, Cabs To Go On Strike

After RTC, Cabs To Go On Strike

While the ongoing indefinite TSRTC strike (which entered the 14th consecutive day) has already crippled the public commutation, rubbing salt on the wounds of people, the Telangana Taxi Drivers JAC has announced that it would go on strike from October 19 (i.e Tomorrow). The taxi drivers of Uber, Ola, and other IT companies will go on strike from Saturday demanding that the minimum fare for every kilometer should be made Rs 22. The cab drivers have given an ultimatum to the ride-sharing companies that they should provide a minimum business guarantee to every cab as pay security. The taxi drivers who are serving for IT companies are demanding that the GO No.s 61 and 66 should be strictly implemented.

50,000-odd cabs are going to participate in the indefinite strike that is going to begin tomorrow. The cab drivers are demanding that the customer KYC should be mandated in order to tackle the cases of violent attacks on taxi drivers by some miscreant customers. The cab drivers are further demanding that the government should constitute the Taxi Drivers Welfare Board i.e a special board for the welfare of taxi drivers.

On these demands, the taxi drivers across Telangana would go on strike. This is expected to further affected the people who are purely relying on public transport. On one side, the state and central government have been asking the people to take public transport to bring down pollution level and on another hand, public transport has become highly unreliable in Telangana pushing people to look for private/personal transport.

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