Is KCR Bigger Than NTR?

Is KCR Bigger Than NTR?

The ongoing battle between TSRTC unions and TRS government is getting uglier with each passing day. It snowballed into ego clash between CM KCR and RTC JAC Convenor Ashwathama Reddy. With Transport strike entered its 13th day and situation getting worse as schools remain shut and common man at receiving end due to lack of transport and RTC employees haven't received their salaries, the war of words between RTC Union and government escalated.

In a fresh salvo, Aswathama Reddy slammed KCR and cautioned him that CM post is not permanent for anyone. He reiterated that several leaders come and go. He further asked whether KCR is bigger leader than NTR and whether he has bigger following than NTR. He stated that KCR shouldn't forget 1993-94 crisis.

Ashwathama said the democratic principles are shaking. He said if RTC employees issue isn't resolved, he warned that 1994 crisis could emerge. He asked ministers like Harish Rao, Etela Rajender and Jagadeesh Reddy to break their silence on ongoing RTC strike. He said intellectuals shouldn't be silent on such crucial issues. Ashwathama Reddy said two TRS MLAs have extended their support to RTC strike. He said ministers who had spoken against the strike have different personal opinion on the issue.

Stating that RTC union is ready for talks with the government, Ashwathama Reddy recalled High Court's remarks and asked the government to follow court's advise. Ashwathama Reddy also expressed his suspicion that his telephone is being tapped.

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