YS Jagan Shock To ABN Radha Krishna

YS Jagan Shock To ABN Radha Krishna

In a Jagan-mark shock to Andhrajyothi, owned by Amoda Publications, AP state government has cancelled the land allotted to the media house by previous government led by TDP. 1.5 acre land allotted to Amoda Publications in Paradesipalem in the outskirts of Visakhapatnam has now been revoked by AP state government.

AP state cabinet has decided to cancel the lands allotted to Amoda Publications by previous TDP government. The government is now considering to allot the land to construct houses for poor.

Going into details, 1.5 acre land has been allotted by former CM NT Ramarao in 1986 at Paradesipalem village in survey no. 191, 168 at the cost of Rs 10,000 per acre. However, after a few years, 1 acre of land was revoked by then government for the expansion of National Highway (NH 16). Since then the remainig 50 cent land is in the hold of Amoda Publications.

In 2016, Amoda Publications have approached Chandrababu Naidu government to compensate for the 1 acre land and requested him to provide the land at any alternate location at the old rate of Rs 10,000 per acre. Then state government had reportedly directed the district administration to send details of then-existing government lands. Based on the district administration, then state government allotted 1.5 acre land on 2017 June 28 (GO MS. 25) allotting old 50 cent land at rate of Rs 10,000 and new 1 acre land at rate of Rs 50 lakh.

The GO stated that the land should be utilized in 3 years and the water bodies in the land shouldn't be affected. The GO further stated that the beneficiary Amoda Publications should only utilize land as per recommendations and asked it to give its report on land utilization to district collector and mandated it to submit report to government on land utilization by every year March 31st.

Here is the twist in the tale. It is alleged that the district collectors recommendations on pricing were ignored by TDP government. Yuvaraj had proposed to give the land as per market value i.e 7.26 Crore and given a repot on August 10, 2016. It is also cited that the next district collector Praveen Kumar in his revised report on October 4, 2017 too proposed to give the land at market value of Rs 7.26 Crore. The allegation is that then state government headed by TDP government hadn't considered the recommendations of district administration and allotted the land at meager Rs 50 Lakh per acre.

Now YCP government has decided to revoke the land and proposing to issue this land to construct houses to poor. This is indeed Jagan-mark shock to Radha Krishna of Andhrajyothi.

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