TDP Is Confined To One Family: Sujana Chowdary

TDP Is Confined To One Family: Sujana Chowdary

BJP leader Sujana Chowdary made strange comments against regional parties and added that only national parties can help in all-round development of the nation. AP BJP launched 'Gandhi Sankalp Yatra' and Sujana took part in it held in Jaggayyapet in Vijayawada.

'If we look back at 25 years of the Telugu states, few people preferred one party and few more other parties. I made a mistake by joining a regional party and learned my mistake. So now I'm supporting a national party that has unique ideologies for the country,' said Sujana.

Taking pot-shots at TDP, he added that NTR had different thoughts about the party but after his exit, TDP is confined to one family. On Chandrababu's recent comments on BJP, Sujana replied that he informed Babu same when TDP was breaking the alliance with BJP. 'There is no point in making such comments now. The time has slipped away,' said Sujana.

On Polavaram, Sujana stated that what TDP government has done in their last term, YSRCP government is doing the same, eventually the construction is getting delayed and this will up the budget of the project.

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