RTC Strike: All Round Attack on KCR

RTC Strike: All Round Attack on KCR

Probably for the first time after Telangana state formation, CM KCR has been cornered to the core. And there is an all round attack on him like never before. Even party's seniors and other leaders are in a fix over the growing dissent against the government. Even ministers and veterans of party are disowning the government's stand on RTC strike and this whole turmoil has snowballed into RTC Vs KCR instead of RTC Vs Government and instead of RTC Vs TRS.

And this RTC strike is helping Opposition to get united like never before in the state. So far, the Opposition had been weak in Telangana and was divided. But the present strike has given a boost to the Opposition who all mustered strength to take on KCR. Especially, the ongoing strike ahead of Huzurnagar by-poll indicates tough situation for ruling government in the by-election.

Though KTR is also aware of the anti-incumbency, even he is helpless as KCR is the man who doesn't listen to anyone once he takes the decision as he sticks to his decision. With this, the whole episode of RTC vs KCR is worrying top TRS leaders. Let's wait and see where this will stop. For now, KCR is receiving the heat like never before.

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