Will Megastar Chiranjeevi Represent AP Govt?

Will Megastar Chiranjeevi Represent AP Govt?

When Megastar Chiranjeevi met AP CM YS Jagan and the two shared a never seen bonhomie, thereby becoming the topic of discussion. The way Chiru showered warmth on AP CM, and how Jagan gave a nice farewell to Chiru couple after lunch, is all priceless for fans to watch.

Amidst this happening, with Chiranjeevi and Jagan not even discussing a spec of politics, there is talk that is doing rounds everywhere. Now that the Megastar officially clarified during his Sye Raa interview with Amitabh Bachhan that he is out of politics, and also he hasn't taken part in any election campaign of Congress party too, will he take up an endorsement for Andhra Pradesh now?

Reports are coming that Jagan wants to appoint some brand ambassadors for Andhra Pradesh like how Amitabh represents Gujarat and he is said to be considering Megastar Chiru as one good option. Will political compulsions allow Jagan to pick up Chiru for the same? Will Chiru oblige to take up the post in the wake of facts that he rejected the same offer earlier from the TDP and Congress regime?

Just in case if Chiranjeevi could represent and promote AP tourism as well as other things of the state, it would be really good.

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