'Don't Go for Egos' HC Warns TSRTC and TRS Sarkar

'Don't Go for Egos' HC Warns TSRTC and TRS Sarkar

The Telangana High Court expressed anger on Telangana government over TSRTC strike and made some serious comments.

"Don't go for ego and make the issue more complex. For the sake of people, the government should come down and hold talks with protesting RTC employees," said the High Court and also directed the government to hold talks with RTC JAC in the next 48 hours and submit a detailed report.

"On whom side is this government. When people are struggling why the government failed to adequate measures?  This government has no foresight and why a managing director (MD) is not appointed till date and we insist to appoint a full-time MD immediately. Is it not the responsibility of the government to buy new buses to provide better facilities for people," asked the High Court in a series of questions.

The advocate on behalf of the government informed the court that necessary steps are taken and then the court questioned if appropriate measures are taken, why the holidays are extended.

The High Court also found fault with RTC employees for going strike before the festival. Further the case has been postponed to October 18th. The court also asked the government to file the proposals that it is going undertake in the next two days.

Overall the High Court is deeply upset by the inaction of government and also RTC.

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