Breaking: CPI Withdraws Support To TRS

Breaking: CPI Withdraws Support To TRS

The Communist Party of India (CPI) took u-turn in supporting the TRS party in the Huzurnagar by-election. Important leaders of CPI hosted an emergency meeting today to discuss about RTC strike and support to TRS party in the by-poll. For nearly four hours, CPI leaders discussed about the two issues.

Finally CPI has decided to take back its support to TRS party and it is a big blow to the CAR party. CPI's state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy said, as we set 48 hours deadline to the ruling party and with no proper response from the government we have decided to withdraw our support. Chada added that we will stand by the RTC employees and demanded that the government should immediately call the RTC employees for consensus.

This makes clear advantage for Congress in Huzurnagar. With RTC strike, TRS party earned a lot of negativity in the last few days and political experts believe that it would certainly show on the result of Huzurnagar by-election.

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