JC Diwakar Reddy gets robbed by own driver!

JC Diwakar Reddy gets robbed by own driver!

Retired Rayalaseema politician JC Diwakar Reddy was robbed by his own car driver and this incident came into limelight quite late.

Going into details, on October 11th, JC was in Vijayawada and took accommodation in a star hotel. On a personal work, he went to secretariat and returned to hotel at around 2:30 PM. JC asked his car driver to keep the suitcase in the room and leave. Driver Gautam followed JC's instructions and left the suitcase in the room.

But JC was late to realize that Rs 6 Lakh went missing from the suitcase and having noticed it, he filed a complaint at the nearest police station. The police got few details from JC and later questioned driver Gautam.

With police style of investigation, driver Gautam said he robbed the money and placed it under seat cover in the car. The police seized the money and arrested driver Gautam.

JC might have never imagined in his nightmares that he gets robbed by his own car drivers. Anyway the issue is settled and JC is relieved.

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