Telangana Police Recorded Kodela's Statement

Telangana Police Recorded Kodela's Statement

The suicide of ex-Speaker and ex-Home Minister Kodela Siva Prasad has kicked up a huge political uproar with Opposition TDP slammed Jagan administration for targeting Kodela with false cases. As there are allegations by YCP that rift within family could led to Kodela's suicide, TDP has shot back at them.

Now, Banjara Hills police have gone all the way to Guntur to record statements of Kodela Sivaram, son of Kodela Siva Prasada Rao and Kodela Sasikala, wife of Kodela. The family informed the police that there is neither rift nor differences within family. They made it clear that the political cases by ruling YCP have depressed Kodela.

Kodela Sivaram stated that his father underwent a lot of stress and suffering which could had made him took such an extreme step. Kodela Sivaram stated that he had gone abroad much before his father's suicide. He said his family members have informed him about his dad's suicide.

Sivaram said his father was not afraid of anyone, but the embarrassing cases could had made him emotional. He clearly stated that politically motivated cases were behind his suicide. Sivaram said his father was intentionally targeted by his political rivals.

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