Driver Srinivas Reddy's Suicide: Telangana Mourns

Driver Srinivas Reddy's Suicide: Telangana Mourns

Even as Telangana community is yet to overcome the self-immolation of Srikantha Chary in 2009 for the demand of the Separate Statehood of Telangana, the new Telangana state witnessed one such incident with the self-immolation of Khmmam depot RTC driver Srinivas Reddy amidst TSRTC strike.

Srinivas Reddy, who has national interest has sent both of his sons into army, sacrificed his life for fellow RTC employees. Srinivas Reddy's last words before self-immolation say that all. He said, "All the RTC workers and their families should be happy. It's alright even if anything happens to me."

He has sacrificed his life for the demand of merger of RTC with the government, recruitment to various posts, and increase of wages to employees. His suicide triggered a massive protests across the state by RTC employees and unions who further intensified their protests. Seeing Srinivas Reddy's suicide, his fellow driver Venkateswarulu too attempted suicide. However, Venkateswarulu was saved by other RTC employees.

While Srikantha Chary's suicide had intensified Telangana statehood moment, the present CM KCR was then a Telangana crusader who had intensified protests seeking Telangana state. Similar bandhs, strikes and even violent attacks were marred during Telangana statehood moment.

Whereas the same KCR is now on ruling side who is opposing the protests and strikes, bandhs of RTC employees. He even now stating that strikes and bandhs are anti-democratic.This is so irony that KCR himself hails from Udyama Party TRS.

With KCR's announcement that the protesting employees wouldn't be taken into roles and Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay's statement ruling out the merger of RTC have added more fuel to the ongoing agitation. As RTC unions have called for state bandh on Oct 19 and week-long protests, it turned out like a war-like situation.

The people are at the receiving end with 48,000 employees boycotting duties and majority of buses confining to depots. This whole issue has got a bad remark and bad reputation to KCR government. Even common people, who are suffering with lack of proper commutation, are blaming the government for not able to handle the issue on time. On other hand, the extension of holidays are also not welcome sign as parents are worried over the studies of their students.

It is high time, KCR and his government should step down to control the situation as it is snowballing into a big headache to his government. With both government and employees unrelenting to mend ways, all eyes are on what is going to happen next? What is KCR's next step to calm down the employees?

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