Married Anchor's Growing Friendship With Director

Married Anchor's Growing Friendship With Director

This anchor is quite popular for her beautiful looks and always she makes sure that her radiating smile will take everyone by a surprise. At the same time, her hotness is unlimited there are huge number of fans for her ravishing curves despite the fact that she's already married.

A buzz doing rounds in Film Nagar that this anchor is actually growing fond of a young director she worked with recently. The two are said to be hanging out at places, often ending up sipping colas and juices till wee hours and still laughing at each other for their sweet jokes.

The talked about aspect of this growing friendship is that even the director is married and both know clearly where they should not cross the limits. However, the two are giving a feel to onlookers that they are more than friends as their chemistry is indicating that romance is in the air.

Earlier the same anchor got associated with another star director and that time she quashed such talks as baseless rumours.

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