Botsa Pulls Balayya Into Chiru-Jagan Meet

Botsa Pulls Balayya Into Chiru-Jagan Meet

The Chiranjeevi-Jagan meeting has become a hot topic of debate among political circles and fans. At a recent media interaction, YSRCP minister Botsa Satyanarayana gave an amusing response to a journalist who questioned the Chiru-Jagan Chiranjeevi.

"What's wrong if Chiranjeevi meets Jagan? Sye Raa became a big hit and Jagan gave his appointment to appreciate a fellow Telugu's success," Botsa told the journo.

When asked why film stars don't often meet Jagan, Botsa reminded the journo about Nagarjuna and Mohan Babu meeting Jagan in the past. "If stars want to meet Jagan, he will give them an appointment, as simple as that," Botsa said.

Not stopping there, Botsa also pulled Balakrishna into the debate. "Will you be happy if Balakrishna meets Jagan? Or do you think Balakrishna is the only star in Tollywood?," Botsa retorted. Chiranjeevi is scheduled to meet Jagan over lunch on the 14th of October.

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