Had to forcefully talk to Harish Rao: Jagga Reddy

Had to forcefully talk to Harish Rao: Jagga Reddy

The rivalry between Sangareddy MLA Jagga Reddy and Siddipet MLA Harish Rao is known to everyone in the political circles. After Jagga Reddy quit TRS because of Harish, both had no word with each other for 14 years. However things won't be the same all the time.

During the budget sessions and last week, Jagga Reddy met Harish Rao who is Telangana's finance minister and the former even felicitated the latter. Yet Jagga Reddy was quick enough to clarify that it has no political significance and it is only for his constituency development.

'Though I did't want to talk to him, I did it forcefully only for the progress of Sangareddy. I will do it whatever it takes for the development,' said Jagga Reddy and made a key announcement on Dussehra day.

He added that he would be holding ‘Praja Darbar' in his constituency from November and people can straightly come to him and let him know their problems. 'I will try to solve the issues with all efforts. There is water crisis in Sangareddy and I'm working on it. If KCR sticks to his words on Sangareddy, I will be indebted to him for life,' quipped Jagga Reddy.

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