RTC employees challenge KCR with paylips

RTC employees challenge KCR with paylips

Responding to CM KCR's statement that TSRTC employees are drawing Rs 50,000-plus salaries and passed ultimatum to them to call off their strike with immediate effect, outraged RTC employees have turned up with their payslips to protest against Telangana state government.

TS RTC employees claim that 90 percent of them draw salaries below Rs 20,000 per month and this has been the case for last 25 to 30 years.

The protesting employees further stated that if the government pays Rs 50,000 per month, they said they would withdraw the strike immediately and join the work. The protesting RTC employees said there is no truth in KCR's statement over RTC employees' salaries.

They said why would employees would hit roads during festival season if they are paid well. The strikers has thrown an open challenge to CM KCR to prove that their salaries are over Rs 50,000.

The ongoing RTC strike has been intensified by the protestors. The strike has reached the fifth day in a row. This is creating a lot of trouble to daily commuters and common people who are facing the wrath.

The regular commuters are finding it difficult as they are waiting for RTC buses for hours and with the number of buses have come down, the passengers are pushing one another in buses for space.

While the government claims of taking alternative measures, in reality, people are suffering. Opposition parties are lending their support to RTC strike.

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