Huzurnagar: Balayya Targets Kammas & Settelers

Huzurnagar: Balayya Targets Kammas & Settelers

The election heat is back in Telangana state as senior leaders from all parties are gearing up to visit Huzurnagar for by-poll campaigning.

Already, IT Minister KTR has finished a meeting with TRS party supporters in support of party's candidate Saidi Reddy. At the same time, BJP & Congress parties are also deploying majority of their leaders to win Huzurnagar seat.

In the final moment, Telugu Desham party has surprised everyone by announcing Chava Kiranmayi as party candidate for by-election, and the party is hoping to revive the fortunes by getting Nandamuri Balakrishna for election campaign. Balayya's main focus is said to attract the settlers and 'Kamma' caste voters in Huzurnagar.

Hindupur MLA Balakrishna, who is currently filming for KS Ravi Kumar's film, is expected to hold rallies and road shows in Huzurnagar in favour of party's candidate from 13th to 18th October.

Previously, Balakrishna has campaigned for the party during the 2018 assembly elections but the party ended up winning just 2 seats. In last few years, TDP suffered many setbacks from its leaders in Telangana and cadre has become directionless. 

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