Harsha Kumar Knocks Supreme Doors on Boat Tragedy

Harsha Kumar Knocks Supreme Doors on Boat Tragedy

Former MP Harsha Kumar has approached the Supreme Court and lodged a petition against the boat tragedy that took place in Kachchulur of East Godavari. Earlier Harsha Kumar claimed that there are about 90 passengers in the boat but the government is claiming that there are only 70 odd passengers when the accident happened.

On Harsha Kumar's comments, a police case has been filed. Ever since then the police were hunting for him to arrest him. However, Harsha Kumar is on the run and on Saturday he flashed on the headlines by knocking the apex court doors.

In his petition Harsha Kumar the urged the court to direct State government to do efforts retrieve the boat from the river and also the missing bodies of the deceased.

The Supreme Court is in thought process to accept the petition or not.

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