'Mi17 V5 chopper crashed due to friendly fire, a big mistake'

'Mi17 V5 chopper crashed due to friendly fire, a big mistake'

Air Chief Rakesh Kumar Singh stated today that the shooting down of a Mi-17 V5 helicopter on Feb 27, by the Indian Air Force was a ''big mistake, caused by friendly fire''. He said that the officers who were on the air defence system mistook the helicopter for a Pak aircraft.

On Feb 27, Indian and Pakistani fighter jet planes exchanged military confrontation and six IAF personnel and a civilian were killed.in the incident along the Line of Control.

The Air Chief said that  ''It was a big mistake on our part. We accept it''. He also added saying that a Court of inquiry had completed its sittings last week and administrative action is being taken. ''Necessary steps are being taken so such incidents don't repeat,'' said Air Chief Marshal Bhadauria. He further added that we take action against guilty.

Jut a day before the Mi17 V5 shot down,  IAF fighters invaded into Pak territory and bombed a terror training in Balakot. The next day,  Mi17 V5 chopper was shot down at Budgam near Srinagar. The helicopter crashed 10 minutes after take-off.

Earlier, many pictures have come into notice where it showed the wreckage of the chopper in flames and a bunch of locals gathering around it. The Mi-17 chopper broke into two and caught fire immediately.

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