Jagan Paying Excess To KCR. Why?

Jagan Paying Excess To KCR. Why?

Unleashing an all-round attack on Jagan administration, former CM and Opposition Leader Naidu has lamented Jagan of taking poor decisions and causing huge loss to public exchequer and state. Raising the issue of Power Purchase, Naidu lashed Jagan for ending up paying more for purchasing power.

"After doing hungama and a lot of negative propaganda on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Jagan administration has finally bought the thermal power at Rs 11.68 per unit even when Solar Power and Wind Power is being sold at Rs 3 per unit and Rs 4.84 per unit respectively. What is this?," Chandrababu shot at Jagan.

Naidu didn't stop there. He alleged that Jagan bought coal from Telangana at higher cost even when it is available at lesser cost from Odisha. Naidu went onto question Jagan for favouring Telangana government at the cost of AP. "When coal is available at Rs 1600 per tonne at Mahanadi Coal Mines of Odisha, why Jagan has purchased Coal from Singareni at a price of Rs 3700 per tonne. How should one understand this?"

Chandrababu lamented Jagan for lacking vision. "As a precaution, coal reserves should be kept in abundant. Unfortunately, Jagan administration doesn't have such basic understanding. Without having any alternative action plan in place, Jagan has pushed the people and state into darkness. Finally, he ended up burdening the state further. At least now, the state government should learn from its mistakes and ensure such won't be repeated in future."

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