Cheap Social Media Posts: Naidu Blasts YCP

Cheap Social Media Posts: Naidu Blasts YCP

Former CM and Opposition Leader Chandrababu had emotional burst moment responding to the hatred campaign going on in online unabated against him, his son Lokesh, his party leaders. Demanding a strict and serious action against the culprits who are using social media tool to defame him and tarnish his public image, Naidu has shown a case by case of social media posts of YCP's social media activists who stooped to all time low.

Starting from a morphed picture of his son Nara Lokesh in a saree to an atrocious post on a woman TDP activist and to deteriorating posts on Kodela and furniture issue to Vijay Sai Reddy's provoking tweets to demeaning post on former DGP Thakur, Naidu has read one-by-one post and shown all selected derogatory social posts allegedly made by his political rivals.

Turning emotional, Naidu said he has never seen such pathetic situation in his four decade political career and said even his harshest critics and staunch political rivals couldn't point out finger about his character. Naidu said these posts are only a drop in an ocean. He said a sea of such deregotary posts are done targeting him and his party image online. Expressing his angst, Naidu said all the details and posts have been submitted to DGP and asked him to take action against the wrong doers. Naidu, however, said there is no proper action from DGP.

Chandrababu said such posts only show the "insecurity" of his opponents. He said his enemies can't even affect him and his party with such acts. Naidu challenged all his enemies to get ready to receive the punishment with interest in coming years indicating that TDP would bounce back. Chandrababu also defended Kodela and blamed YCP leaders for demoralising him leading to his death. Naidu shot back saying Jagan and Vijay Sai Reddy as A1,A2 in 43,000 Crore corruption.

Naidu said there are thousands of such cheap social media posts cooked up by his rivals. He said such heinous acts are being watched by public. Naidu advised Jagan and his party to look into problems of people instead of indulging in political blame-game. He cited poor management of Jagan administration in sand policy, reverse tendering of Polavaram works and renegotiation of PPAs and boat downing incident and et al.

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