#21YearsOfHitechCity: Chandrababu gets nostalgic

#21YearsOfHitechCity: Chandrababu gets nostalgic

Cyber Towers in Hi-Tech is a landmark that changed Hyderabad's face in the field of Information Technology (IT). Over the years the city turned into an IT hub and world's top tech companies have made Hyderabad as their base.

The man behind pushing IT in Hyderabad and Cyber Towers is Chandrababu Naidu without any doubt. It's been 21 years that Cyber Towers was established and Chandrababu is delighted with it. He shared a video of the launch ceremony for which then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee graced it.

"21 years ago on this day, my government laid the foundation for Cyber City in Hyderabad. From its humble origins, it became a landmark of the city, of the state, and of India itself. It still shines as a beacon of India's success story as an IT superpower," tweeted Naidu and he got little nostalgic for obvious reasons.

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