Be Honest, Chandrababu Writes Letter To YS Jagan

Be Honest, Chandrababu Writes Letter To YS Jagan

On Sunday, Chandrababu Naidu wrote a letter to Jagan,  asking to cancel the ongoing village secretariat exams. He elaborated the value of good administration and said that the alleged leakage of village secretariat exams papers is a concern. He demanded to cancel and start the exams all over again with transparency and see that eligible persons are recruited.

Babu also recalled in the letter how some places have faced a similar situation and some of their Chief Ministers resigned from their posts as a moral responsibility. He said since the government is taking this as a small issue, he would leave it to Jagan whether he sticks to his earlier statement and resign or ask his Panchayat Raj and Education Ministers to resign.

The paper leakage allegations left nearly 19 lakh candidates upset and anxious. Along with these, Chandrababu also brought in how difficult it is to implement good governance, but the new government focused on revenge politics for four months. He went on to say that there was no response from helpline when candidates called them.

He called the whole situation a disgrace. He also advised the government to run the administration honestly and with dedication. The lack of experience is leading the state in the wrong direction, he claimed.

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