Kodela Wish To Join BJP, Confirms BJP Leader

Kodela Wish To Join BJP, Confirms BJP Leader

The death of former speaker Kodela Siva Prasad is a hot topic in AP politics now. The Opposition TDP is continuously blaming the ruling YSRCP and claiming that Kodela’s death is a political murder. The other day TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu met Governor Biswabhushan Harichandana and demanded for CBI probe.

Countering Chandrababu's demand, AP minister Botsa Satyanarayana criticized Naidu. "It was this Chandrababu who threw CBI out of Andhra Pradesh when he was CM and wonder why he is demanding CBI probe now. Chandrababu should also not forget that he is the one who made satirical comments on Governor position and now he met Governor," said Botsa.

While these arguments are going on at one end, BJP brought up a new thing that, days before Kodela's death, the former speaker wanted to join the saffron party. BJP leader Raghuram acknowledged that Kodela held talks with him and even sort the appointment of Amit Shah. “Things are not fine here in TDP. Being a senior leader, party has sidelined me," is what Kodela reportedly told Raghuram.

Referring BJP's comments, Botsa assumed that because Chandrababu kept Kodela at bay, the former speaker was upset and wanted to join BJP. "Now after the death, Chandrababu is politicizing the issue for the sake of sympathy," added Botsa.

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