Police find details of body found at Nag's farmland

Police find details of body found at Nag's farmland

The other day a decomposed body was found at hero Akkineni Nagarjuna's farmland located at Papireddyguda village near Shadnagar. The police have found out a breakthrough in this case based on the wallet of the deceased which was spotted next to the body.

The victim is identified as Pandu of the same village and he killed self. Apparently, Pandu is depressed following the death of his elder brother and about three years back he left his home. The police got in touch with Pandu's family and they informed the police that they have no clue about Pandu whereabouts. "He wrote a note and left the home," said a family member and also showed the note to the police.

However, the Pandu's family did not file a missing case and wonder why he is still roaming in the village of Papireddyguda while no family member has knowledge about this. The police are investigating the case in this angle and are also waiting for the forensic expert's report.

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