After 14 years: Jagga Reddy meets Harish Rao

After 14 years: Jagga Reddy meets Harish Rao

Politically Congress firebrand MLA Jagga Reddy and TRS Siddipet MLA Harish Rao are rivals. On many occasion, Jagga Reddy claimed that it was because of Harish, the former had left TRS party but Harish never responded to Jagga's accusations. Their rivalry kept growing nonetheless things won't be the same all the time.

On Thursday, Jagga Reddy met Harish Rao which was interestingly noticed by the media. This happened in the assembly and for nearly 30 minutes Jagga Reddy and Harish held discussions. Post the meeting, Jagga Reddy said he met Harish only for the development of his assembly constituency Sangareddy and finance minister Harish responded positively.

If we recall Jagga Reddy has asked for a medical college in his constituency in the assembly and CM KCR too promised it. Also, the Singur irrigation project which is a major one in Medak district has water levels dropping down. A few days back Jagga Reddy appealed to KCR to release the water from Kaleshwaram project.

Keeping this aside, it took 14 years for Jagga Reddy and Harish Rao to meet and talk to each other which is quite a long-long time.

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