YCP MLA's son B'Day On Road Leads To Huge Traffic

YCP MLA's son B'Day On Road Leads To Huge Traffic

Birthday celebrations in the middle of a busy road resulted in two hours of massive traffic jam and this happened in Andhra Pradesh. Going into details YSRCP, P Gannavaram MLA Kodeti Chitti Babu's son Vikas celebrated his birthday at Ambajipet junction in Kakinada.

Right in the middle of the road, Vikas cut the cake along with his friends and a few YSRCP supporters. This has led to a huge traffic jam at the junction and shockingly the police who got to know about this did not say anything or took any action against MLA's son being from the ruling party.

But it was the common man who suffered the most as the birthday celebrations halted many vehicles on the road. After getting done with the celebration, Vikas left in the car. The locals and commuters were angered by this incident and questioned how can one celebrate the birthday in the middle of the road. They are also upset that the police have let Vikas go so easily.

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