Congress Party Is Unpredictable: Revanth Reddy

Congress Party Is Unpredictable: Revanth Reddy

Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy has made unsettling remarks against Telangana Congress leaders and this has caused for a debate. On Wednesday, Revanth reached the Assembly and found fault with Congress MLAs for not being present in the house during the debate on electricity.

'Just to ask why my party MLAs were not there when Assembly is debating about electricity. Also as per the Assembly book rules, the budget sessions should last for 14 days if not, they are not valid. It is unacceptable also if only two parties agree on budget sessions,' said Revanth.

Then Revanth said that he had no clue and information about Congress leaders meeting Governor and so he was not there. On the Huzurnagar by-election, Revanth said that Congress high command did not finalise any candidate but he proposed Shyamala Kiran Reddy's name. On the contrary TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy has announced that the ticket is being allotted to Padmavati.

'Congress party is unpredictable. Who will get post and who will face the axe is never known to anybody,' added Revanth and made satirical comments on Congress leader S A Sampath Kumar. 'Sampath doesn't even know ABCD on Uranium and its mining. So I will not bother about this comments,' stated Revanth.

Well, Revanth is in contention for the TPCC chief post and looks like he started dominating the party even before becoming the chief. Let's wait for Congress leaders reaction as they still feel he is an outsider.

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