#BiggBoss3: Rahul-Punarnavi Drama Ends In His Nomination

#BiggBoss3: Rahul-Punarnavi Drama Ends In His Nomination

Going through the promos and comments, it is being felt that there is a huge twist to the story of Rahul Sipligunj and Punarnavi as she is given the task of nominating herself for all the next weeks, to save him from getting nominated this week.

As expected, Punarnavi obliged the Bigg Boss task and she is ready to nominate herself for the whole of the season. However, the singer is not ready to accept this as he thinks that it is unjust to nominate a contestant for a total week. So he asked Punarnavi to go back from the decision of getting nominated from next week in order to save him.

That brings us to the table of nominations, where Mahesh is already there and Rahul joined as a new entrant. When captain Vithika is given special permission to nominate someone directly, she chose Himaja because the latter failed to save Mahesh from nominations.

That makes three multiple-times saved contestants Mahesh, Rahul and Himaja pushed into nominations.

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