Kodela's Daughter: Dad Harassed By YCP Govt for 3.5 Months

Kodela's Daughter: Dad Harassed By YCP Govt for 3.5 Months

The sudden and unnatural death of Kodela Siva Prasada Rao, the former and first Speaker of Andhra Pradesh, has turned political with TDP and YCP blaming one against the other.

As several speculations and rumours started circulating about Kodela's death and none other than minister Botsa had raised suspicion over Kodela's death, Kodela Siva Prasad's only daughter Vijaya Lakshmi has come forward to share her views about her beloved dad and his death. Grief-stricken Vijaya Lakshmi broke down in front of media and said the government in Andhra Pradesh had harassed her father for the past three and half months. She said Kodela hadn't had proper sleep for the past three and half months with several baseless allegations were leveled and cases were filed against her father. Vijaya Lakshmi went onto allege that the government hadn't even given due respect to the age (72), seniority of her father.

Recalling her bond with father Kodela, Vijaya Lakshmi broke down and stood inconsolable in front of media. She said she and her brothers are all father's doting children. She made it clear that there are no disputes in family. She found fault with the rivals for spreading such propaganda.

She urged everyone to not spread rumours against her father who is no more. Vijaya Lakshmi pleaded through media and people to spread good word about her father. She said she had come to media only to inform all. "Let us live our lives," Vijaya Lakshmi urged through media by folding her hands.

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