Godavari Boat Accident: Situation Report

Godavari Boat Accident: Situation Report

Incident Description: Private Tourist Boat Capsized in Godavari River  

Date &Time of incident: 15-09-2019, 1:45 PM  

Location: East Godavari (D), Devipatnam (M), Katchuluru (v)  

Number of Persons Rescued so far: 27  

Number of Dead Bodies Retrieved: 08  

Number of Persons missing: 25 (Approx.)  

Current Situation(08:30PM IST-15-09-2019): Boat carrying approximately 60 passengers capsized in Godavari River. Out of 60 passengers, 27 passengers have been rescued and 25 (approx.) are still missing informed by ITDA APO.   

a) 6 Fire Teams from East and West Godavari Districts with 08 IR boats, 12 Aska Lights and 1 Satellite Phone have reached the spot and are engaged in search and rescue operations.  

b) 2 NDRF and 2 SDRF have been deployed to the spot with all necessary rescue and communication equipment. 1 SDRF and 1 NDRF are engaged in operations. Remaining 1 NDRF and 1 SDRF teams are reached to the location.   

c) 1 Deep Divers Team of Indian Navy reached the spot.   

d) 1 ONGC Chopper is pressed into service for search operations.  

e) A specialized deep divers team with "Side Scan Sonar" equipment from Uttarakhand State is landing at Vijayawada by tomorrow for retrieving left over dead bodies from river.

f) Out of '27' rescued, 16 are given first aid treatment at Area Hospital, Rampachodavaram and shifted to GGH Rajahmundry for further treatment and trauma counselling. Remaining '11' are being brought to Area Hospital Rampachodavaram. Arrangements are made by District Administration for stay of rescued persons at Lahspin Hotel a 3 Star accommodation, post medical treatment and trauma counselling, till they are safety escorted to their respective places.

'8' retrieved dead bodies are shifted to GGH Rajahmundry for Post Mortem and medical teams are made ready for conducting Post mortem from tomorrow morning onwards.

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