KCR's pet dog dies, case filed!

KCR's pet dog dies, case filed!

A pet dog at Pragathi Bhavan has died and blaming the doctors for this, the police case has been filed. Going into details, an 11 months old Husky which is said to be a pet in Pragathi Bhavan was unwell. On September 10th, dog behaved unfamiliarly and the next day a vet was called.

After examining the Husky, the vet said the dog is suffering with 101 degrees temperature and should be immediately admitted in hospital. On September 11th in the evening hours, the Husky was shifted to Animal Care Clinic in Banjara Hills. However unable to breathe the dog died in the clinic.

Blaming vet Dr. Ranjith and clinic operations Lakshmi, a case has been filed against these two in Banjara Hills police station under Section 429 and 11(4).

MP Revanth Reddy slammed the TRS government for this and added that KCR government is more worried about the dog at Pragathi Bhavan than people of Telangana. All across the state, viral fever cases such as Dengue, Typhoid are being reported in large number over the last few weeks. Though the government is denying, the hospitals run by the government are reporting numerous cases. The opposition blames that TRS sarkar did not take adequate measure to prevent the viral fevers.

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