Hoarding kills techie: 'Sorry Subhashri' Is Trending

Hoarding kills techie: 'Sorry Subhashri' Is Trending

The horrific, heart-wrenching and saddening news of Subhasri's death is currently leaving the whole nation in a mourning state. The 23-year-old Subhasri, who was an IT Techie in Chennai, died in a dreary road mishap, after an illegal hoarding, which was swinging loosely on a divider, came and fell on her bike. She was later crushed by a tanker lorry coming from behind, leaving her spot dead. The frightening video of her death was recorded on CCTV.

The fateful incident of a young girl with many aspirations has been buried all of a sudden and her family and friends can not take the news at all. Soon after, the locals made a protest on banning all the illegal government hoardings.

High Court Serious:

On this, the Madras High Court directed the TN government and the Chennai Corporation to take strict action against officials who failed to look after such illegal hoarding erections. The hoarding which fell on Subhasri and turned into a death trap was to welcome Dy.CM O Panneerelvam to the wedding of ex-AIADMK Councillor S Jayagopal.

The state government was ordered to pay an interim compensation of Rs 5 lakh to Subhasri's family. "The corporation and the police have failed in their duties. Life would not have been lost if they had done their duties properly. The Chief Secretary and the Corporation Commissioner have not kept their word," said HC.

Also, the High Court passed orders on a contempt petition over the TN government's failure to check illegal hoardings despite a court order banning them. An action had been taken against the tanker lorry driver who rammed onto Subhasri out of control and an FIR has been registered against the person who erected the illegal hoarding. The state government's council later said that the traffic cops should ensure no banner is erected without permission.

Even Helmet Couldn't Saved Subhasri:

It is unfortunate that in spite of wearing a helmet, Subhasri  had to succumb to the fatal injuries and the social media showed outrage over government's negligence after bidding  a teary goodbye to the 23-year-old. Also, a hashtag #SorrySubhasri and #WhoKilledSubasri is trending on the internet calling it a political murder.

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