Heights Of Irony! YCP Colour To Graveyards

Heights Of Irony! YCP Colour To Graveyards

After coming to power, YSRCP has scrapped off all the welfare schemes by the previous government and for a few neutral schemes, it just changed the label and colours, for example, Anna canteens and YSR Arogya Sri.

Like so the ruling YSRCP is painting the entire state with its party's flag colours and it can be seen everywhere. Even at graveyards too and this has irked Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani. He took to his official Twitter handle and shared a picture of a cemetery which was coated with YSRC party's colours.

Fumed by this Nani tweeted, YSRCP is not sparing graveyards and the irony can't be explained in his words. If the picture is carefully observed even the security room near to the entrance is also similarly coloured.

Burial grounds are meant for rested souls and politics at this place is pathetic!

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