Revanth Reddy's True Opinion On Pawan Kalyan

Revanth Reddy's True Opinion On Pawan Kalyan

From NGOs to political parties in the Telugu states, a majority of them are completely opposing Uranium mining in Nallamalla forest. Earlier this week Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan too raised objections over it and the list of politicians and celebs joining the chorus is increasing day after day.

But with Pawan Kalyan's opposition, the issue picked up the pace and he also warned the government of danger consequences. Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao too backed Pawan's stand and said the government should not touch Nallamalla forest at all.

Taking this as opportunity Congress is leading the protest and for a television debate, Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy is invited. On this occasion, Revanth was asked about Pawan and the firebrand leader made interesting comments.

"Pawan might have lost the polls but as a politician he succeeded. There is honesty in whatever issues he takes and doesn't highlight the issue for the sake of politics. Also Pawan picks the issues that are troubling the people since ages and this has brought positive opinion on him among the public," said Revanth.

These comments are true as Pawan doesn't indulge in personal attacks and only fights against parties on issues basis. He targeted Congress in 2014 for bifurcating Andhra Pradesh and now he is getting support from the Congress. Politics are unpredictable.

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