KCR Is My Political Godfather

KCR Is My Political Godfather

Ever since he met with Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Arvind, there have been wild speculations that TRS party's Bodhan MLA Shakeel will be shifting his loyalties to the BJP. The rumours spread like wildfire, especially after Shakeel's name was missing from the newly expanded state cabinet.

However, Shakeel has finally broken his silence on the ongoing speculations and clarified that he is not quitting the TRS. Shakeel termed Telangana CM KCR as his political Godfather.

Shakeel said that he has been sharing an affectionate bond with KCR for the last 12, 13 years, and that he had taken part in the Separate Telangana movement under KCR's leadership. "It's a blatant propaganda by vested interests about me exiting TRS," Shakeel said.

Shakeel further clarified that he had met with MP Aravind only to discuss about a newly launched Central scheme and that it had no political motive. Meanwhile, the state BJP leaders have been claiming that many TRS leaders are in touch with them to jump into the saffron party.

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