Naini Expecting KCR's Call, Got From KTR

Naini Expecting KCR's Call, Got From KTR

Former Telangana home minister Naini Narasimha Reddy made it to the headlines for not picking him in the cabinet. He added that CM KCR did not keep his words and even he is the real owner of TRS flag too. Naini's comments certainly brought a discussion within the party and finally, they reached Working President KTR.

Off the record chit-chatting with the media again today, Naini said my small comments were well highlighted by the media and I got a call from KTR. But Naini did not disclose what he spoke with KTR and the other way.

"If KCR calls me, I will go and talk else I would stay where I am. TRS party is ours and the positions, roles and responsibilities should be ours," said Naini in a diplomatic way. Yet he refused to raise his voice further.

While the majority of the upsets leaders have calm down in TRS, it appears like Naini is the only leader who still wants to be heard by KCR. Hope he gets a call from the TRS boss.

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