Gang Leader Strategy: Intentionally Low Buzz

Gang Leader Strategy: Intentionally Low Buzz

One may wonder why Nani and Vikram Kumar's Gang Leader is carrying minimal buzz. But here is the insight.

The makers of Nani's Gang Leader are downplaying as they are aware that how high expectations would cost the film. Hence, the makers are intentionally maintaining low buzz on the film in order to set the right expectations for audience and meet them. Earlier, several movies have come up with a similar strategy and did succeed at the Box Office. Now, Gang Leader too is following the same strategy.

Having said this, it is learnt that the Gang Leader team is quite confident of the film's content and hopeful of impressing the audience with its good content. The film said to have enough twists and turns that will keep the audience hooked to seats. Although it is a revenge drama, Vikram has made sure there is enough fun and thrill laced with twists.

Nani's acting is said to be the key highlight as he thoroughly shoulders the film. Another interesting revelation is Karthikeya, of RX 100 fame, who plays significant character. Since Nani and Vikram have good market in Overseas, particularly in the US, the makers have made sure to fulfill the expectations of what movie lovers expect from Nani, Vikram and Mythri trio. As the film hits the screens in 48 hours, let's wait for the final verdict.

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