Petty Politics Force Urmila To Quit Congress

Petty Politics Force Urmila To Quit Congress

Actress Urmila Matondkar has resigned to the Congress party and seems like she has also made up her mind to leave politics. Just before the general elections, Urmila stepped into politics and this innings of her last for just five months.

The 'Rangeela' actress cited reasons for resigning to Congress in a press statement. In it, she mentioned that the Mumbai Congress is doing petty politics instead of strengthening the party.

Urmila expressed surprise over the confidential letter within the party getting leaked to the media while none from the party tried to do the damage control. She was also upset that she made repeated attempts to the leaders of Mumbai Congress to address her concerns but none of them stood by her.

Vexed up with all these Urmila quit the Congress. Urmila contested from Mumbai North Parliament constituency but she lost to BJP's Gopal Shetty with a margin of nearly five lakh votes.

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