One more TRS leader upset, goes into hiding

One more TRS leader upset, goes into hiding

The list of TRS leaders upset with not getting a place in cabinet is growing. After Naini Narasimha Reddy, T Rajaiah, it is former minister Jogu Ramanna who is deeply hurt and so he went into hiding.

On Monday post lunch, Jogu Ramanna left to an unknown location without informing his gunman and after sometime he switched off his phone. He is also not in touch with his family and this brought panic among the members. They have no clue where Jogu Ramana went yet they did not file a complaint against his missing.

Getting know about this the TRS leadership is said to be trying its best to get in touch with Jogu Ramana and pacify him. If he comes in contact, the TRS leadership is planning to send a senior leader who can negotiate the terms with him and calm him down.

If we recall TRS's first term, Jogu Ramanna is credited with 'Haritha Haram' which was a mission to increase the green space in the state. This initiative was partly successful.

In the next few days, more dissent might pop up depending up on the situations and TRS leadership should be ready to deal with it.

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