Naini Burst Out On KCR

Naini Burst Out On KCR

The second cabinet expansion has deeply upset few of TRS MLAs and leaders. Slowly one after the other are expressing their anguish before the media and this is turning out to be headache for TRS party. Among them is former home minister Naini Narasimha Reddy and he openly confessed that KCR promised ministry but did not fulfill it.

A saddened Naini said, "I wanted to contest as MLA but KCR restricted me and asked me to continue as MLC. He also offered me ministry and MLC to my nephew. Both the promises made by KCR are ignored now." Reacting on the media reports that Naini would be made as RTC chairman, he replied that he is least interested in taking up that job. "That post in RTC has no value as no one cares about the chairman. I will not take it up even if it is offered," added Naini.

Yet the former home minister said, KCR is always respected by his family and made comments on leaders who recently joined TRS. "KCR is like our family head. TRS has tenants in the form of few leaders. We have to see how long they will stay in the party," said Naini.

Former deputy CM T Rajaiah too came before the media and expressed regret that Madiga community has no representation in Telangana cabinet. "Madiga community accounts to 10 to 12 percent in Telangana but not even a single MLA is made minister," said Rajaiah. But he refused to delve more and criticize TRS leadership.

This seems like the TRS leaders are upset but are unable to raise their voice strongly. KCR has succeeded in keeping his MLAs and leaders under control.

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