Pawan Kalyan Fans Trying To Bounce Back, But..

Pawan Kalyan Fans Trying To Bounce Back, But..

The show of strength put up by Pawan Kalyan's fans at various levels other day on the eve of the Janasenani's birthday are unparalleled. Gone are the days where heroes birthday get celebrated in colleges, but yesterday many college-goers rushed to cut a cake on their premises to celebrate Pawan's b'day. They rallied on roads and heaped showers of tweets and Facebook posts.

All this over-the-top celebration of Pawan Kalyan's birthday by his fans is surely an indication that they are actually confirming their unconditional support for the Janasena leader even though he lost bigtime in the recently concluded election. Also, it is a chance for fans to showcase that they are indeed back to normalcy as the election defeat hit them hard.

These acts, however, didn't go well with a section of society who feel that these fans are making is merely noise but won't turn into vote banks. Though Pawan is against vote bank politics, he needs vote banks to win elections which is the big learning point from the bitter defeat he tasted. Maybe, Pawan's fans should think about constructing a solid cadre for the party, rather just rallying, whistling, clapping and creating all the euphoria on his birthday.

On the other hand, the whole of TDP's big bosses wishing Pawan Kalyan on his birthday along with BJP leaders could be seen as an indication that the next election is going to have certain equations changed.

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